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Santa Clause Eine schne Bescherung 1994 Barbii HDRip.AAC torrent

Santa Clause Eine schne Bescherung 1994
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Santa Clause Eine schne Bescherung 1994

When someone inadvertently forces Santa Claus to fall on his roof on Christmas Eve, he discovers that he is being replaced by magic.
Written by John Paskin:
Leo Benvenuti, Steve Mine stars:
Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson Divorced Scott Calvin is upset to learn that the ex and her husband tried – and failed – to easily break their 6-year-old son Charlie, that Santa is not real. On the eve of Christmas, Scott reads The Night Before Christmas, when he receives an unexpected visitor on his roof. When he is struck by Scott’s cold and fall, the Santa impersonator disappears and leaves reindeer 8 and a suit with instructions to dress him in case he gets into an accident. Scott does this and is transported around the city, leaving the gift through the chimney until it is taken to the North Pole and informed to the group, claiming that he is an elven, that he is now Santa Claus. Charlie is proud of his father’s new job, although Scott believes it’s a dream. As long as the hair is not white, the beard does not refuse to shave, it weighs incomprehensibly, even with an unexpected love of junk food. Now she has admitted that there is only one problem: how to keep it a secret from her unbelieving family?

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